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Understanding warnings and advice messages

There are three different levels of warnings and you need to make sure you understand them and what they mean.

Warnings are issued when a fire has started and you need to take action but don’t expect warnings to be issued in any particular order. The first warning you could get could be an Emergency Warning.

The three levels of warnings are:


  • An incident is occurring or has occurred in the area.

  • Access information and monitor conditions.

Watch and Act

  • An emergency is heading towards you.

  • Conditions are changing and you need to take action now to protect yourself and your family.

Emergency Warning

  • You are in imminent danger and need to take action now.

  • You will be impacted.

Other notifications you may receive are:

Prepare to Evacuate/Evacuate Now

  • An evacuation is recommended or procedures are in place to evacuate.

Community Information

  • A newsletter containing updates for communities affected by an emergency.

  • Can also be used as notification that an incident has occurred but there is no threat to community.

All Clear

  • Emergency activity in the area has subsided and is no longer a danger to you.

You should never wait to receive an official warning before you leave. Fires can start quickly and threaten homes and lives within minutes.

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