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Summer gas BBQ safety tips

Now that Christmas is finished for another year most of us are taking a well earned break enjoying the outdoors which most likely involves the use of gas BBQ's.

Most BBQ's are put into hibernation during the cold winter months so they have not been used in while and will need a little bit of maintenance to make sure they are safe to use again this summer.

Follow these simple tips to make sure its just the sausages that are burnt when you are the using the gas BBQ:

  1. Check to see if the gas cylinder is damaged, if this is the case don't use or refill it, simply exchange it at a reputable supplier.

  2. Check the hose and connections to make sure they haven't deteriorated causing leaks by dousing them in soapy water and looking to see if bubbles appear. If you do see bubbles, you’ll know that gas is escaping and it’s time to call a licensed gasfitter.

  3. Check that your BBQ is clean, excess fat residue can ignite and cause a fire.

  4. Make sure there is plenty of room between your BBQ and anything flammable.

  5. Be aware that if the wind blows the BBQ flames out, unburnt gas can can build up to dangerous levels. if this occurs simply turn off the gas at the cylinder, and wait a few minutes before you light the BBQ again.

  6. If a fire does start from a gas leak, don't try to extinguish the flames. Turn off the gas at the cylinder, but only if it's safe to do so and call 000.

We don't want to be a last minute invitation to your BBQ this summer.

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