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Staying safe during summer fires relies on you knowing the facts about fire - Part 1

Victoria is one of the most fire-prone areas in the world. Bushfires and grassfires start quickly, often without warning and they can threaten lives and properties within minutes.

The 6 part Facts of Fire series which was produced with the assistance of the CSIRO Bushfire Behaviour and Risks team, and shot on location at the CSIRO Pyrotron in Canberra, explores the serious dangers Victorians face annually from fire, including ember attack, spot fires, radiant heat, wind speed and grassfires.

Over the next 6 days we will be sharing a new part of the Facts of Fire series which will help you think rationally when confronted with a summer fire and make the right decisions to stay safe.

Here is the first instalment covering an introduction to conditions you can expect fo face during a summer fire. It also highlights the importance of being able to think rationally and make the right decisions to stay safe when confronted when confronted with a summer fire.

More detailed topics covered over the next 5 parts will include:

  • Ember attack

  • Spot fires

  • Windspeed

  • Radiant heat

  • Grassfires

Tomorrow we will be sharing part 2 which covers ember attack.

For more information about how to prepare your property for the risk of fire this summer visit

Make sure you have the VicEmergency app on your smart devices so you can get early warning of fire activity in your area.

Remember indecision and confusion during a fire could be a killer and on high-risk fire days, leaving early before a fire starts, is always the safest option.

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