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Facts of fire - Part 4 Windspeed

In todays instalment of the Facts of Fire series we are covering windspeed.

A fire will burn faster uphill. This is because the flames can easily reach more unburnt material (like grass) in front of the fire. Radiant heat pre-heats the grass in front of the fire, making it even more flammable.

In Victoria, most high-risk fire areas are not flat, so fires can spread and become out of control quickly.

On a 10-degree slope, fire will travel twice as fast as a fire on flat ground in the same conditions, and on a 20-degree slope, it will travel four times as fast.

Tomorrow we will be sharing part 5 which covers radiant heat.

For more information about how to prepare your property for the risk of fire this summer visit

Make sure you have the VicEmergency app on your smart devices so you can get early warning of fire activity in your area.

Remember indecision and confusion during a fire could be a killer and on high-risk fire days, leaving early before a fire starts, is always the safest option.

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