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Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd — Kidde 2-3lb Mariner 5 Fire Extinguisher

Product description Kidde branded disposable fire extinguishers with plastic handles. The extinguisher is white with a straight handle and a vertical pull pin.

This product was sold to be fitted onto yachts manufactured by Riviera Australia Pty Ltd.

Model numbers FA5G, H5G, M5G, FC5, FS5, M5GM or FX5 II Supplier ​Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd​

Traders who sold these products This product was sold by Chubb to be fitted onto yachts built by Riviera Australia Pty Ltd Where the product was sold Queensland

Dates available for sale

10 January 2012 - 17 October 2014

What are the defects? The fire extinguishers can become clogged or require excessive force to discharge and may fail to activate during a fire emergency. In addition, the nozzle can detach with enough force to pose an impact hazard. What are the hazards? If the fire extinguisher does not function properly, it can increase the risk of injury and/or property damage in the event of a fire. What should consumers do?

Consumers who purchased a recreational watercraft with a fire extinguisher, or a spare fire extinguisher only from Riviera Australia during the affected period should immediately contact Chubb to request a free replacement fire extinguisher and for instructions on returning the recalled unit.

Consumers can contact Chubb by calling Rotha Tan, Quality Manager, Chubb Fire & Security on 0448 277 553 or emailing

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