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Fire Danger Period & Total Fire Ban tip 4 - Wildlife scaring guns

Wildlife scaring guns are devices for producing a loud explosive sound for the purpose of scaring away birds from crops and orchards.

It is important that farmers are aware of what they can and can't do during the summer fire season to ensure they don't needlessly incur financial penalities.

Can I use a gas-powered wildlife scaring gun during the Fire Danger Period?

Gas-powered wildlife scaring guns can only be used during the Fire Danger Period if you have a current Schedule 14 permit and comply with each and every condition.

On a day of Total Fire Ban can I use a gas-powered wildlife scaring gun?

No gas-powered wildlife scaring guns can be used on days of Total Fire Ban.

Failing to comply with either Total Fire Ban or Fire Danger Period gas-powered wildlife scaring gun restrictions may lead to significant penalties being applied.

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