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Fire Danger Period & Total Fire Ban tip 10 - Incinerator

Using incinerators during the Fire Danger Period and on days of Total Fire Ban has strict conditions and restrictions.

Lets run through the facts of Fire Danger Period and Total Fire Ban conditions and restrictions.

During the Fire Danger Period can I use an incinerator?

  1. You check with council about any local laws that might prescribe conditions or restrict or prohibit incinerator use (eg bans on certain days, in certain areas or during certain times)

  2. And the following requirements are met:

  • the fire is effectively restricted within the incinerator

  • the wind is not more than 10km/h (this can be observed if leaves and small twigs are in constant motion)

  • the ground and air space within 3 metres from the outer perimeter of the incinerator are clear of flammable material

  • a supply of water adequate to extinguish the fire is available at all times when the fire is burning

  • a person is in attendance at all times while the fire is alight and has the capacity and means to extinguish the fire

  • the fire is completely extinguished before the person leaves.

Can I use an incinerator on a day of Total Fire Ban?

Using an incinerator is banned on Total Fire Ban Days.

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